Georgianer für project:help – Ein Dankeschön (Brief und Video!) aus Südafrika

Mr. Koesters,

We want to thank you and the amazing students at Gymnasium Georgianum for raising money for our school. We heard how much time and effort the students put into it and we feel so blessed that your whole school would go to all of this trouble just for our little South African school.

The students were so happy to hear about the money being raised but they were even more happy to be able to see and speak to your students. It really meant a lot to them to be able to see what it is like in other countries and meet students that are just like them!

We really appreciate all of your efforts in organizing this fundraiser. The students would be very thankful to be able to Skype with a classroom in your school next year even on an ongoing basis so they can learn more about your school and culture.

The following YouTube link is a thank you video from our grade 2 class to your school. We hope this begins to convey our gratitude for your efforts.

Das Video auf youtube: